Selling with Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)

A few of months ago, we made a DOH! discovery about selling on Amazon. We found their FBA or Fulfilled by Amazon program.

We have been selling on Amazon for a couple of years, now, so we knew about their program. It just seemed too expensive for us, so we ignored it.

But, as we grow older, and yearn to travel,

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The Search for Online Shopping Success

Every day, millions of people take to the Internet in hopes of experiencing Online Shopping Success. Their desire is to search for that certain something to buy that will make their day. Every day, millions of Internet sellers also try their best to attract as many people as possible to THEIR site. They each think … Read more

The Money Is NOT In the List!

Technorati Tags: internet marketing,email lists,business relationships You’ve heard it over and over, “The Money is in the List”, followed by some sort of pitch for a list-building product or system. That’s what Internet Marketers have been pitching for years… And, in a general sense, they are absolutely correct. If you don’t have a list of … Read more