Finding My Way Through All the Hype

Wow! It’s super-easy to get caught up in somebody’s marketing hype. After all, that’s what the marketers aim for. Their mission in life is to entice a larger and larger portion of their traffic to actually click the “I’ll Buy It!” button. I find myself sucked in by the claims of easy this or massive … Read more

Working on My Motorola Xoom

Last Friday, on release day, I picked up my new Motorola Xoom from my local Best Buy. So far, I am not disappointed in its performance, nor its future. I like my Xoom…! It is lightweight. I purchased the optional case/stand for it. The added protection keeps my screen intact. Apps are scarce for this … Read more

Infrastructure Is Your Key to Success

Having a great Product, identifying that hungry market, and building and marketing to a dynamic set of customers are all keys to on or offline business success. But, without a stable Infrastructure, success will be fleeting or difficult to maintain. What do I mean by “Infrastructure”? I was thinking about why 3rd world countries are … Read more

Your 4 Essential Business Tools

Every Business has some sort of toolbox full of useful gadgets to help business go, or make it easier to run. What’s inside varies from business to business. But, there are 4 Essential Tools that every business needs in order to stay successful. 1. Business Plan Every Business, large or small, old or new, should … Read more