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Hi – I’m John Larson, and I’ve been IN business and consulted TO businesses since 1971. I’ve seen small, one-man shops and large, multi-level marketing businesses. I’ve been online, and I’ve had physical retail and service stores. I’ve succeeded, and I’ve failed. I’ve never failed to learn from each encounter.

With all my exposure to the various ups and downs of these many business enterprises, I can see from a distance and up-close-and-personal how to keep the main thing the main thing, and how to add value without losing focus.

You can count on me to give you straight scoop to help you start, build, improve, or save your business.

Yes, you’ll see ads here. A guy has to make a living. I used to bill out at $1,500 per day to give this advice and insight. You’re getting it for free.  Keep me living in the style I’ve become accustomed to, and I’ll keep giving you the solid vision of how your business can be the best investment you’ve ever made.

Let me know how I’m doing. I’ll try my best to keep doing it better and better.


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  1. Hey Jon,
    I just recently purchased and read your book “Freedom By Amazon, YES, YOU CAN! MAKE MONEY WITH AMAZON FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon)”

    It says inside the book that I could get a “Get our Free FBA Inventory Tracker and FBA Calculator Spreadsheet. See the details at the end of the book.” however the link in the book goes to:


    which results in a 403 Permission Denied error.

    How do we get the helpful spreadsheets?

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