Are You a Professional?

We all know that when someone gets paid to play a sport, they are a “Professional Athlete”. Yet, we many times see these “profesionals” skip out on their practice time, or give less than their all or best. These aren’t the professionals. The professionals aren’t the ones who aspire to be the Star. The professionals … Read more

Here Is a Simple Goal – Make More Money

Sometimes the simplest goal is the easiest one. My simple Goal? Make More Money! The success gurus all talk about having SMART Goals. (I do, too, but in a different context.) They mean that you need to have a Specific “More Money” goal in mind – “$13,738.29” for example – or else you’ll never be … Read more

Your Fortune Is In the FollowUp

The hardest part of any sales process is making that first sale. Then, it gets more difficult. That first sale costs the most in time, energy, and money. Most people are satisfied with that first sale, and then go on to the next prospect. They ignore the existing customers in favor of that next shiny … Read more

Finding My Way Through All the Hype

Wow! It’s super-easy to get caught up in somebody’s marketing hype. After all, that’s what the marketers aim for. Their mission in life is to entice a larger and larger portion of their traffic to actually click the “I’ll Buy It!” button. I find myself sucked in by the claims of easy this or massive … Read more