The Customer Isn’t Always Right!

But, They Are ALWAYS The Customer. The other night, I watched the Celebrity Apprentice. Gene Simmons, of KISS fame, had just triumphed as Project Manager and was given the opportunity to lead the women. He took the chance. Their task was to introduce a new printer for Kodak. Gene established that he was in charge, … Read more

Keeping Your Mental Attitude Positive

Running your own business is hard, but satisfying work. There is so much freedom of action involved. You get to do whatever your customers want. You can set your own hours. You only have to work half-days. You get to choose which 12 hours that will be. It really is hard, sometimes, to keep up … Read more

Initial Action Goals and Plans

Every Startup, regardless of its misty origins or enthusiastic support, reaches a point in its preparation when something tangible has to be done. All the thinking, dreaming, research, and what-ifs have to be set aside in favor of Action. As obvious as it is, nothing gets done without Action. This Blog is a startup, of … Read more