Productivity — If You Can Do It!

May 22, 2021 by John Larson

Do you need some help with motivation to get stuff done?

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes (often… always…) have a tough time getting things done, especially important stuff.

We get our Amazon business stuff done, me reluctantly, Sandi relentlessly. I am able to walk by important farm stuff and in my mind… next time…

I do write now and then. A couple of blogs, a book here and there, and here on Facebook… (soooooo important….)

Like many of you, my inbox is full of “useful” emails from here and there. You never know when that “secret” will transform your life/business/relationship/finances.

One of my subscriptions related to “writing” is from Tim Grahl. I am sooo involved with his information, that I don’t actually know who he is or why I subscribed.

But today’s email from him BANGed me related to productivity. I share his blog post with no affiliate link or any ulterior motive except to share something that might help you break through a productivity log-jam.

My most ruthless productivity hack

I hope this helps someone.

You’re welcome.

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