I Hope Your Guy Won

I really do. That means you will have fewer excuses in the future. What does the result of an election have to do with excuses? It is easy to point to external circumstances as reasons why failure is inevitable or acceptable. The elected administrations are  seen as the cause or the cure for the economic … Read more

More on Marketing

I’ve written a bit about Marketing, before, here: 3-Legged Stool of Business Success. It is a topic I will spend more time on because it is critical to business success. But, as much as I hate to admit it, there are others with plenty more knowledge and experience you can learn from. I learn every … Read more

Making the Hard Decisions

The current economic turmoil will have its negative effects on individuals for years to come. If you are in a position to make the hard choices, this is for you. .If you are affected by those choices, I hope this helps you understand. The company requires survival, and that survival requires certain decisions, most of … Read more

What Is Required of an Employee?

This is the crux of the owner-dilemma. How does the owner be both boss and employee? How is the day divided into boss-things and worker-things? How does the boss-part get the worker-part to do the work? Good Employee Traits He is expected to show up at work on time, and to work until the shift … Read more

Getting Down to Business

If you want to be in business for yourself — be in business. Think and Act like this is important to you. Put your hobbies away and get down to business. The Bottom Line The bottom line is that your business needs to make a profit, or it isn’t a business, but a charity — … Read more