Planning for Business Success

I’ve had several businesses. I’ve failed, and I’ve succeeded. Turns out that the difference between success and failure is just some small details. Details that often get overlooked in the crush of daily activities.

You either move towards success, or you move towards failure. You get to choose.

First, The Big Picture

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Tax Time Reminders

Every tax time, I have to break out my checklists to be sure I cover off all the tasks needed to prepare an accurate tax return.

You see, as an American and a Christian, I believe that I should render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. But, not a penny more than he deserves. That means I have to accurately account for all sales and all expenses.

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Searching for Streams of Income

This past month, we began using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing to sell some books we had written. In the process, we stumbled upon our perfect source of Income Streams for our retirement travels. Yes, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is all that and more. Let me count the ways. 1. We can publish anything we’ve written, … Read more

Saving Money on Postage

Our online business ships physical products to our customers around the world. We spend plenty on postage. If we simply took our packages to the Post Office, we’d get adequate service, and would pay full retail for all postage services. We don’t do that. Neither do we subscribe to a postage service that charges a … Read more

Your Goal in Business – Profit

Oh, I know that you’ve been looking around and finding out how important it is for you to craft a snazzy Mission Statement so you can align your priorities and attract an investor. That’s all well and good. But, if your highest goal in your business isn’t Profit, then you’ll likely miss the mark. Profits … Read more