Searching for Streams of Income

This past month, we began using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing to sell some books we had written. In the process, we stumbled upon our perfect source of Income Streams for our retirement travels. Yes, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is all that and more. Let me count the ways. 1. We can publish anything we’ve written, … Read more

Your Fortune Is In the FollowUp

The hardest part of any sales process is making that first sale. Then, it gets more difficult. That first sale costs the most in time, energy, and money. Most people are satisfied with that first sale, and then go on to the next prospect. They ignore the existing customers in favor of that next shiny … Read more

The Money Is NOT In the List!

Technorati Tags: internet marketing,email lists,business relationships You’ve heard it over and over, “The Money is in the List”, followed by some sort of pitch for a list-building product or system. That’s what Internet Marketers have been pitching for years… And, in a general sense, they are absolutely correct. If you don’t have a list of … Read more