Infrastructure Is Your Key to Success

Having a great Product, identifying that hungry market, and building and marketing to a dynamic set of customers are all keys to on or offline business success.

But, without a stable Infrastructure, success will be fleeting or difficult to maintain.

What do I mean by “Infrastructure”?

I was thinking about why 3rd world countries are so poor, or so unable to make economic progress. I reasoned that the roads, utilities, markets, banking, communications, and transportation Infrastructure is the key.

Bad roads make it difficult or impossible to bring goods to markets that can’t handle volume. Finances and Banking shortcomings make it difficult or impossible to secure loans to improve business.

In short, without a sturdy and improving Infrastructure, success will be difficult or impossible.

Your Business Infrastructure

In your business, Infrastructure is all the supporting and girding you create or secure that allows your business to thrive and succeed.

Without it, each day brings unexpected interruptions to the free flow of business transactions.

For example, one strut is a good accounting system. With one, you can keep track of sales, expenses, who owes you, who you owe. Without it, you fall behind on bills, labor endlessly only to find you didn’t make any money, or miss out on sales or discounts because of this faulty system.

Here are my top 10 Infrastructure pieces.

  1. Accounting System
  2. Filing System
  3. Planning System
  4. Inventory Control System
  5. Debt Collections System
  6. Sales Funnel System
  7. Delivery System
  8. Display System
  9. Followup System
  10. Marketing System

I realize that some of these can be combined, but how else would I get 10???

I’ll be expanding on these as we go along.

You can be thinking about them on your own. Then, you can add your thoughts in the Comments.

Make it a Great Day! Unless you had other plans…

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