Selling with Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)

A few of months ago, we made a DOH! discovery about selling on Amazon. We found their FBA or Fulfilled by Amazon program.

We have been selling on Amazon for a couple of years, now, so we knew about their program. It just seemed too expensive for us, so we ignored it.

But, as we grow older, and yearn to travel, we found that being tied down with everyday shipments did not suit us any longer. We needed to make a change.

Enter FBA.

We send our inventory to Amazon, they Sell, Pack, Ship, and manage Returns, and send us a check for the net every 2 weeks.

They do all the work, and they send us a check.

They drop-ship our sales from our own inventory in their warehouses.

They send us a check.

As an example of how this released us from the daily grind, in one recent week (the week before Christmas) we shipped 20 orders from our warehouse. Amazon shipped 937 from theirs. They shipped 50 times more orders than we did. Our sales volume was amplified by using their FBA service.

What did we learn?

We learned that we could quit shipping every day and get out on the road to see our family, friends, and the Great USA.

AND, they send us a check.

John L

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