When Your Business Plan Blows Up

So, while taking my time to finish brushing up details for a new web venture, my business plan gets blown up.

I swear I didn’t do it!

The main website I had intended piggy-backing my efforts on changed the rules. They decided to change their own business plan a bit, and the howls began in earnest.

What do we do, NOW!

In the forums, many began and continued their rants to lobby the owners to rescind the decision, After all, how could they continue to do business the way they always had if the changes stayed in effect?

Many took a “woe is me” approach. They were now destitute and would be homeless and starving, maybe even die. Their wails and whining was pathetic.

A few decided that this was a great opportunity to re-examine their business, and take it to a new level. These were the rational ones.

If your business plan depends on ONE something, then your success is always at risk.

What is your Plan B, or C if the ONE gets changed or goes away?

The ONE includes a single customer, vendor, production provider, marketing channel, shipping method, web hosting platform, programmers, out-sourcer, sales guy…

If you have one name in that slot…

Think again.

Two things came from this for me.

1. Get up and get going. It is better to Act on a good idea not fully formed than to never act at all. All the great intentions mean not a thing if there isn’t any effort to bring them to life.

2. My Plan B wasn’t deep enough. My main activity and traffic-generator was the ONE website. I didn’t have an alternative in mind.

I’ll get by. I won’t die. I will find another way (or two) to get under way. Most of the rest of the “sky-is-falling” crowd will, too.

Some will not. They will blame their failure on the ONE, not their inability to adapt.

Get those Plan B & C’s polished up. Change is inevitable.

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