FBA Shipping Charges

We’ve been traveling in our RV for the past month with another month to go. Amazon FBA has steadily been putting cash into our bank account with little intervention required on our part.

We did check up, of course, because it just didn’t seem possible that we could leave home, and still have business results. It’s true! Business kept sailing along every day.

That’s the best.

However, we noticed that one of our popular products was running low. At the sales rate it was going, we’d run out long before we ended our trip.

Our solution? Order and assemble here in the RV Park we were scheduled to stay for 2 weeks.

Our vendor had no problem shipping to wherever we told them to. The RV Park was happy to accept the shipment for us. We had enough supplies on hand to assemble the packages.

We made the order.

It arrived in a timely manner. We enlisted the help of our Son and his family, and we got it all boxed up, ready to ship.

Whoops! No scale.

So, I took them to a local Office Depot, a UPS shipper, and began the process of getting them labeled and paid for.

YIKES! Paying Retail UPS rates took my breath away. I was SHOCKED I tell you.

At home, with our scale handy, we use Amazon’s rates for shipping to them. Selecting this method is right there in the Shipping Work Flow. Enter the box weight and dimensions, and BOOM! Buy and Print Labels.

Our lessons learned?

  • We can still make plenty of money while traveling.
  • We can work from the road with enough time in one place.
  • It’s cheaper to buy a scale than to pay retail UPS rates.
  • Bring the darned scale!

Amazon FBA – it’s the best for me.

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