What Is Required of an Employee?

This is the crux of the owner-dilemma.

How does the owner be both boss and employee? How is the day divided into boss-things and worker-things? How does the boss-part get the worker-part to do the work?

Good Employee Traits

  • He is expected to show up at work on time, and to work until the shift is over.
  • She is expected to execute the activities of the job requirements with precision and efficiency.
  • He is expected to earn his wage and be a positive contributor to the bottom line.
  • She is not expected to fritter away the day in idle pursuits.
  • He is not expected to cover-over major or minor errors.
  • She is not expected to be a hindrance to company progress.
  • He is not expected to be a negative influence on other employees.

All in all, an employee is a desirable asset to the company, one who is productive and worthwhile.

Are YOU a Good Employee?

How am I a Good employee?

I am not.

I do the minimum required to get the day done. I avoid the repetitive drudge that makes a business go.

I know what needs to be done, but I don’t do it.

I know what I shouldn’t do, but I do it anyway.

I should be let go.

I can’t get over with just my good looks alone, I have to add value to the company by my presence and actions.

That is what I have as my most unproductive attitude.

I don’t work unless pressed into it.

Deadlines get me to do the necessary things.

I avoid the clerical tasks – UNLESS – they keep me from the even harder work of creatively advancing the business agenda.

How hard is it to do the work? How difficult to sit down and grind it out?

When did it become impossible to make time to do the little things that advance business? Why can’t I read and implement simple marketing texts?

What is WRONG with me?

Are you waiting for success to strike from above, or ambush you when you’re not looking?

Do you expect success to be like the lottery. “I don’t need to do anything except buy the ticket.”

How absurd!

I’m you’re an intelligent and capable person who can take on any task and succeed, do you somehow choose to do otherwise.

Are you a self-defeating mechanism.

I don’t think my way into a day, don’t pay attention to any of my priorities, and don’t execute when I am forced to.

I do the minimums.

I should get the minimums.

What the Boss Needs to Do

What I need to do each day is to:

  • KNOW what I need to do.
  • PLAN how I need to do it.
  • WRITE the Plan down so I won’t forget.
  • EXECUTE the Plan.
  • EVALUATE the Execution and the Plan.
  • CHOOSE to do it again.

Every day is my only opportunity to advance.

Tomorrow might never arrive.

Yesterday is gone.

The ONLY time is NOW.


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