Finances Goals

Make More Money

Our efforts to increase non-shipping revenue are paying off. We got another Google Check. We get monthly eBay Partner Checks. Amazon warehouses and ships some of our products for us.

We’re making progress on Making More Money.


We Got a Check from Google

Friday’s mail brought us a surprise. We got a check from Google for $103 and change.

Turns out this was for our various Adsense results over a 7-year period.

The dream of many an online marketer is to have rivers of passive cash flow into their bank accounts.

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Saving Money on Postage

Our online business ships physical products to our customers around the world.

We spend plenty on postage.

If we simply took our packages to the Post Office, we’d get adequate service, and would pay full retail for all postage services.

We don’t do that.

Neither do we subscribe to a postage service that charges a monthly fee.

We ship using the eBay Shipping service for our eBay sales, and  the PayPal service for our other postage.

Now and then, we also use the Click n Ship program.


Because we save money, getting our postage for Wholesale.

For example, we get a small discount on every “stamp”.

We also get free Delivery Confirmation for every Priority package, and only $0.17 along with other services. The regular price for DC is $0.85.

We also use as many of the USPS Priority shipping packaging as we can.

These cagey savings lowers our potential shipping charges by 10%. We can pass that on, and routinely do. Or we can actually make a penny or two on our really competitive products.

How do you save money on postage?

John L


Don’t Miss those Important Dates

Your business runs like a clock, and uses a calendar. Important dates come and go.

When you hit deadlines, all is well, and you probably don’t notice.

But miss one?

BAM~ and you are in hot water.

i missed a date just last week. I let THIS Domain expire – without knowing it.

Oh man, did that hurt. I had thought I transferred all my domain registration to my main provider. I guess I missed this one.

It took about a week of calling somewhere to get it re-registered, and here we are, back up again

What did it cost us, besides the domain fee?

This direct site isn’t all that active, I’m sorry to say, so there wasn’t much lost here.

However, we host some of our eBay photos on this domain, so those items had no photos. We probably didn’t sell any of those items over the past week.

How do you measure what didn’t happen?

You don’t. We’ll never know.

What did we learn?

First, we learned that the reason we left that other hosting company was still valid. Their support and front office operations seem to be run offshore. We talked to “Rachael” “Mike” and “Lena”. But, they weren’t. The support response was friendly and polite, but relatively ineffective.

I’m glad we left.

Who are they, you say?

That’s for another posting when I can do some research on other hosts.

Secondly, I reinforced the need to put automatic ticklers in place for all, and I mean all, my important dates.

I screwed up.

We got over it. But, we can prevent future gaffes.

What are some of YOUR important dates? What will you do to keep them in front of you?

John L

expense control Selling

Save Money on Your eBay Listing Fees

We have been selling stuff on eBay for a few years, now. It’s how we used to generate most of our online revenue.

eBay Inc.
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I had a lightbulb “doh!” moment a few days ago. I’d like to share so maybe you won’t hurt yourself slapping your own forehead.

eBay’s Changing Environment

eBay, in its own efforts to attract more high-volume Sellers and to settle the fears of new Buyers, has been re-working various fees and listing policies.

Most notoriously, they have removed the option for a Buyer to use personal checks or Money orders as a method of payment, and forced most Sellers to accept PayPal as their only means of payment.

But, eBay has also raised the Final Value Fees on items sold from a Store, lowered the fees to List a Fixed Price item, and the fees for any Book or CD/DVD.

This is all wonderful and confusing and maddening and generating “who-knows-what-this-will-do-to-MY-business” howls from Sellers of every business level.

One change we have taken advantage of is the new Fixed Price Listing fee structure. They are now just a Flat Fee.

For a single price of $0.35, we can create a Fixed Price Listing offering unlimited number of the item. It used to be based on the Total represented by the cost times the quantity. Now – Flat Fee for any quantity/price offering.


The Gold Among Dross Secret

But, buried in these changes was a simple concept that I had overlooked or dismissed as not important.

Was I ever wrong.

It was a simple change to a previously forbidden or very restrictive policy. This is found in their “Circumventing Fees” examples.

Choice Listings – A listing where a seller allows buyers to choose from a selection of completely different items.  In general, sellers are permitted to offer a choice of sizes, colors and configurations of a particular item within a listing,  However, a listing may not offer buyers a choice of completely different items.

This is the final piece:

Listing a single item but offering additional identical items for sale in the item description is not permitted.

Exception: Multiple quantities may be sold in one listing through the following formats:

  • Dutch auction-type listing
  • Fixed Price listing
  • Lot listing

So What?

As it turns out, we sell primarily Brand New items. We do a good buying job, and then offer them on eBay and our other online store,

We sell 8 different designs of the same Locking Diary for teens. We sell a dozen different designs of Blank Book Journals. We sell several items that are identical except for design or color.

All Righty Then!

My light-bulb is that I now only need to create a single listing for Teen Diaries, show all the design choices, and ask the Buyer to indicate how many of each design they want.

I can then keep track of how many are left.

As we run out of a particular design (which happens far more often that I generally keep track of) I can modify the hosted photo of that design to say “Sold Out” and then any and all my listings with that design are current as to availability.

Ordinarily, I will have 3 or 4 listings of a design, sell out, and then have to find and cancel the remaining ones – wasting the listing fees in the process.


I cut my listings to only a fraction of my previous number and I keep track of inventory all in one swell foop.


What did I learn from this? Sure – I learned a technique for saving eBay fees.

Mostly, I learned to look a bit more slowly at the fine print, and to think more seriously about always finding ways to improve my business.

Saving a dime is a dime more of profit.

Save enough dimes, and the Profit dollars begin to add up.

What did you learn?

John L

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