Rhythms of the Farm

We bought a farm back in Oct 2015, and moved in during Feb 2016. We have had a beautiful time moving and getting accustomed to life in a rural setting. It is Heaven on Earth. What we’ve known for all our lives is that there is a season for everything. The farm is a living … Read more

And Less of What’s Not

As you find More of What’s Working, and do more of it, you should also find plenty of What’s Not Working.

If it isn’t working – Stop.

Yes, persistence is a virtue, and hard work is normally required to be successful.

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Get My Book About Amazon FBA

I’ve written about our Amazon FBA business and success. It has been an unqualified winner for us. There’s plenty of room for others to find success with it, so I wanted to share how to get started and how to make improvements.

With that in mind, I spent several weeks writing and editing a Kindle Book on how to make money using FBA.

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