Our New Kindle Book About Getting Out of Debt

We recently used Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, or KDP, to actually offer our book on Christian Financial Management for sale.

It is from our seminars on Getting Out of Debt.

We would ask that you actually read it, and put some of what we offer to use.

We’d certainly appreciate a Review on Amazon about what you think about the book.

I’ll post later about the process, but for now, go get your copy.

Get it Here:


John L


Publishing Our Books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Well, I finally took the hammer and tongs to our long-written book, “Getting God’s Army Out of Debt”. After a few hours of re-editing and re-formatting, I filled in the surprisingly few blanks on’s KDP pages, and Td-Da!!!

Our book is uploaded and being prepared for sale and distribution for Kindle readers.

What was intimidating in the past was a breeze once I got started.

We wrote this book years ago as a supplement to the financial management seminars we conducted with our church and others. We self-published, printed, and bound enough books to last us through several years of seminars.

We even offered them for sale on our various eCommerce venues.

Not much response, but we didn’t expect much.

Now, however, we will show up as one of the 8 million-or-so books that Amazon offers on Personal Finance.

That is a game-changer, eh?

Well, we don’t know what to expect other than what we’ve already had in the past – not much.

On the other hand… This becomes the anchor-point for a series we call “Living Your Financial Life”. We just might have to write a fury to stay caught up!

Stay with me. I’ll publish the link to our book on Amazon.

John L