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Working on My Motorola Xoom

Last Friday, on release day, I picked up my new Motorola Xoom from my local Best Buy.

So far, I am not disappointed in its performance, nor its future. I like my Xoom…!

It is lightweight. I purchased the optional case/stand for it. The added protection keeps my screen intact.

Apps are scarce for this tablet, but I find that the many Android apps seem to work fine.

Battery life? Easily 10 hours of active use.

How about typing? Well that is a problem I’ll overcome with time. The virtual keyboard is about 9 inches wide, and the keys are large enough for my chunky thumbs to be able to hit them with few misses.

I guess if I was a teen texter, I would be a better typer.

I’m still exploring capability and apps. I find it like a big PDA.

Let me know what you think of Your Motorola Xoom…


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