We Got a Check from Google

Friday’s mail brought us a surprise. We got a check from Google for $103 and change.

Turns out this was for our various Adsense results over a 7-year period.

The dream of many an online marketer is to have rivers of passive cash flow into their bank accounts. Google’s Adsense program is just one of many programs that allow this dream to come true.

What we did was to insert a few lines of code here and there in some blogs, and then let it ride.

Now, 7 years later comes our check. Our earnings have exceeded their minimum payment threshold.

Not bad, eh?

Well, yes, it is.

Seems we didn’t work very hard at it, and the total shows.

What we should have done is write harder, more frequently. Or, have a few more websites with the Adsense code.

On the other hand, since the first of the year, we’ve had a couple of niche websites which use eBay Partner Network code. Using that code has brought us $109.

Does that mean that eBay is better than Adsense? Not really.

Buy, it IS pretty good.

However, neither of these Passive Means will get us a motorhome or a beach house without a bit more work.

Have you used Adsense? How have you done? How about eBay’s Partner Network?

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