Making the Most of My Day

Most of my days are routine.

But some of them need extra efforts to make them end in success.

That means getting up at a regular and early time, getting the morning normals out of the way, and getting on with it.

Attitude Motivation

Keeping Your Mental Attitude Positive

Running your own business is hard, but satisfying work. There is so much freedom of action involved.

  • You get to do whatever your customers want.
  • You can set your own hours.
  • You only have to work half-days.
  • You get to choose which 12 hours that will be.

It really is hard, sometimes, to keep up the pace when confronted with those hard obstacles like fiercely angry customers, vendors with no stock, bankers, the Post Office, taxes, employees (shudder). One of your most important self-activities is to keep your attitude positive. You’ve got to work at it.

A Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is important for several reasons. Without it, you’ll descend into despair when troubles come, and they will. You’ll get farther along with your customers by exuding positive joy instead of negative grouch. You’ll influence others who will mirror back to you what your attitude is.

How do you develop this Positive Mental Attitude?

You can begin by refreshing your memory about your goals and dreams – every day. Make and place visual reminders of what your business is doing for you and your family. Pictures of cars and houses might seem like so much hooey, but they remind you of what’s down the road for you with this business.

You can do affirmations. These simple, as-it-will-be sentences will program your sub-conscience to stay on the lookout for the conditions you describe, and will make it so.

You can journal your way through rough patches to discover how it happened and what you can do to change the outcome should it ever happen again. The answer is rarely, “I’m never going to do business with X-customers again!”

In the end, you will be exercising Discipline to your mind, taking every thought captive and changing it into a positive reflection.

You don ‘t have problems, you have challenges. There are no obstacles, only opportunities. Your brother-in-law is a dork, and cannot kill your dream.

I wake up every morning and say to myself, “It’s GREAT to be alive! Lord, give me a GREAT Day!” And it is.

We see and hear what we expect to see and hear, based on our past experiences. Today will become a past experience, so make it be positive.

How do you maintain a Positive Attitude?