Basics Entrepeneurship Profits Selling

The Secret To Business Success

How many Thousands of books and articles have been written about Business Success? I’m certainly not going to outdo any of them in a few paragraphs. But, I can sum up my years of experience and research,

  1. Find a Market
  2. Find a Product or Service
  3. Sell Lots
  4. Control Expenses


This is a pool of potential customers. You know who they are, and you know what they want or need. You can serve a large market, or a niche market. But, you can’t sell to “everyone”.

It helps to have a Market with fewer rather than more competitors.

Product or Service

Your Product or Service needs to be something your Market wants or needs, and something that is different from all the others, You don’t want to be waving the “Me Too” banner too wildly.

Sell a Lot of It

Now, we’re getting somewhere! Selling is where it’s at… Sell a Ton of them and all will be well.

Maybe. Many a going concern collapsed by only focusing on sales.

Control Expenses

This is where Business Success is made or not. Profit is the end goal of any business venture. Without Expense Control, there are not likely to be any Profits. Certainly not as much as could be.

Think of this. Profit equals Sales minus Expenses. A Sale brings related Expenses. Only a portion of a Sales dollar makes it to the Profit bucket. However, Saving a Dollar, or NOT spending one, drops it right to the Bottom Line.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is that the more that you sell AND save, the bigger the Bottom Line.

Watch Your Pennies and the Dollars will take care of themselves.

Basics Goals Planning

Initial Action Goals and Plans

Every Startup, regardless of its misty origins or enthusiastic support, reaches a point in its preparation when something tangible has to be done. All the thinking, dreaming, research, and what-ifs have to be set aside in favor of Action. As obvious as it is, nothing gets done without Action.

This Blog is a startup, of sorts, for a new phase of my life. I’ve retired from active work. I have no job. It’s wonderful!

It’s time to step out of the offices and the storefronts and stretch my legs as a writer of business wisdom. Not that I have any particular store of it. But what little I have gets to go on display and will attract its share of raspberries and huzzahs. And I’ll get to do my share of new research to stay ahead of everyone else.

So, what Action for me? I’d say concrete Goals and Plans.

Some would say this should have Mission, or Purpose at the head. But this is a small endeavor, for now, and such higher ideals will only get in the way, one more time, of what really needs to be — Action.

So, an Initial Action is to write this post. My Initial Action Goal is to write another dozen. A secondary Goal is to compile a list of 100 potential topics to write about. My Action Plan is to write posts, research blog enhancements, activate various affiliate programs, and participate in selected promotion activities to increase readership.

Simple. Direct. Effective.

What Goals, Plans or Actions would you recommend?