Saving Money on Postage

Our online business ships physical products to our customers around the world.

We spend plenty on postage.

If we simply took our packages to the Post Office, we’d get adequate service, and would pay full retail for all postage services.

We don’t do that.

Neither do we subscribe to a postage service that charges a monthly fee.

We ship using the eBay Shipping service for our eBay sales, and  the PayPal service for our other postage.

Now and then, we also use the Click n Ship program.


Because we save money, getting our postage for Wholesale.

For example, we get a small discount on every “stamp”.

We also get free Delivery Confirmation for every Priority package, and only $0.17 along with other services. The regular price for DC is $0.85.

We also use as many of the USPS Priority shipping packaging as we can.

These cagey savings lowers our potential shipping charges by 10%. We can pass that on, and routinely do. Or we can actually make a penny or two on our really competitive products.

How do you save money on postage?

John L

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