Making the Most of My Day

Most of my days are routine.

But some of them need extra efforts to make them end in success.

That means getting up at a regular and early time, getting the morning normals out of the way, and getting on with it.

I usually know what I need to do.

No To-Do List required.

But, I need to stay focused, so I set out a good “picture” of what I need to do.

It’s a Target for the day.

Then, I take aim and keep shooting at it until I hit it, and hit it again, and again until it is done.

If it is a long and tedious, repetitive, but important task,

I’ll turn on my Pomodoro timer, 25 minutes of furious, focused activity, followed by a 5-minute break. Repeat.

Simple, easy to maintain motivation, and beating the clock is an added challenge.

Time is Money, they say.

Making best use of your time is the best Stewardship.

John L

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