Basics Marketing Selling

Marketing 101

Marketing is typically a mysterious world of mis-understood topics and processes. Misunderstanding leads to poor performance. With clarity comes success.

Let’s learn together.

Goals Marketing Selling

Promoting Your Business Using YouTube

We all know about YouTube — music videos, epic fails, and some pretty good original stuff. But is it good for promoting your business?

Yes, if you go about it in the right way.

What do I mean?

Amazon FBA eCommerce Marketing Selling

Selling with Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)

A few of months ago, we made a DOH! discovery about selling on Amazon. We found their FBA or Fulfilled by Amazon program.

We have been selling on Amazon for a couple of years, now, so we knew about their program. It just seemed too expensive for us, so we ignored it.

But, as we grow older, and yearn to travel,

eCommerce Marketing

The Search for Online Shopping Success

Every day, millions of people take to the Internet in hopes of experiencing Online Shopping Success. Their desire is to search for that certain something to buy that will make their day.

Every day, millions of Internet sellers also try their best to attract as many people as possible to THEIR site. They each think they have the answers to the searchers’ innermost desires, and can offer Online Shopping Success.

Yet, online shopping success is an elusive goal, and the search for it is a tiresome and un-fulfilling activity for most.

The Sellers get less than their hoped-for traffic and sales. They research and spend even more for online advertising or marketing programs or join some franchise or affiliate program that promises success.

This seldom works, because doing more of what doesn’t work – doesn’t work.

The Buyers have to struggle, first, with the fundamental Search process. Typing any particular term into Google or Yahoo or Bing or whomever they choose, usually returns so much unrelated chaff that it is actually painful trying to read through the results.

THEN, to make it even worse, many of the online stores seem to make it their mission to make shopping impossible, or at least very difficult.

How many times have you endured the Search process to actually find a site that carries the widget you have been pining for, only to discover that you can’t buy it online, but must call some 800-number and talk to some sales-guy — at 9 AM tomorrow!

Whatever happened to “I want it NOW!” ???

You should  try to at least make the search process a bit more endurable.

We think we have the way to make online shopping success a reality for the serious shoppers.

Maybe, link to pre-built searches that actually have that merchandise to offer. We partner with online merchants who are in the business of selling their goods, not impressing their webmaster buddies with the latest whiz-bang  effect.

We don’t offer you the thrill of the chase nor the opportunity to find an unknown boutique — We let you do that on your own.

We’re here to make it easy for serious shoppers to find what they want, buy it, and experience True Online Shopping Success.

Give us a look.
John L

Marketing Selling

The Money Is NOT In the List!

You’ve heard it over and over, “The Money is in the List”, followed by some sort of pitch for a list-building product or system.

That’s what Internet Marketers have been pitching for years…

And, in a general sense, they are absolutely correct. If you don’t have a list of prospects or customers, you will not be able to generate as much revenue as you can without one.

All Lists Are Not Created Equal.

But, having a list and having a Good List are not the same thing.

Some companies make their living by providing lists. They collect email addresses and contact information using their specialized methods, and then offer them to you for a price. It is a good business model, one that has been around for decades.

Someone wants to promote to a certain market, and these lists can help.

But, regardless of how well-targeted they are, each of those contacts on the list are cold-calls for you.

None of them have ever heard of you, let alone be interested in anything you have to say.

These aren’t Prospects, they’re Suspects.

I suspect you’ll not get much Respect from them.

Your approach to this list is like tossing mud against the wall and seeing how much will stick.

What a great way to treat your potential customers.

The Real List

Your Real List is one that contains people who know you – who have elected to hear from you – at least once. They are receptive to an approach if not an offer.

They are Prospects, not Suspects.

You get these Prospects by enticing them to Opt IN to your newsletter, or email tips or to get your free Report. You have built in them enough interest or trust that they WANT to hear more from you.

Instead of finding them and cold-calling until they submit, they have found you through their interest in your niche. They sought your topic out of the Internet, and here they are. NOW you get to impress them with your knowledge and command of the topic – your Authority.

The Money Is In the Relationships

It is better to have the name of someone who knows you than is is to have just a name.

It is better to get them to know you through meaningful contacts than to bulk-blast them with junk.

As you collect names of those interested in your topic, you begin to develop in them a special relationship. You are helpful. you are interesting, you are unique. You continue to tell the truth.

You can’t force them to become your friend, but you can help them trust you and your information.

Trust Is the Crucial Key.

Everybody wants to make a sale.

Not everybody wants to make an effort.

It takes dedication and long hours devoted to building trusting business relationships. Trust is hard to develop and easy to lose.

Your battle is not with your competitors, but with yourself. You need to be truthful and trusting at every turn.

Claim to have a guarantee? Better honor it faster than you promise.

Claim to show the true path? Better have all the trail signs in place and complete.

Claim to be interested in their success? Better prove it by offering success tools.

Step away from any one of your promises for even a second, and BAM! your trust dissolves.

And you won’t get a second chance to rebuild it.

Make New Friends, but Keep the Old.

This comes from a song we used to sing around the campfires. One is Silver, and the Other is Gold.

And you can’t tell the difference.

As you establish relationships, make it your goal to be friendly and helpful, and to retain as many Prospects on your list as possible.

Keep them by offering them truth and value.

Establish routines that allow you to contact them with useful information. Keep your interactions low-key, and don’t flood their inbox with selling.

And seek out new Prospects.

Always be prospecting, and converting them into fans.


It isn’t the LIST, it’s who is IN the list. If they seek you out, don’t let them down.

Treat them like you want to be treated.

John L