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Planning for Business Success

I’ve had several businesses. I’ve failed, and I’ve succeeded. Turns out that the difference between success and failure is just some small details. Details that often get overlooked in the crush of daily activities.

You either move towards success, or you move towards failure. You get to choose.

First, The Big Picture

Basics Marketing Selling

Marketing 101

Marketing is typically a mysterious world of mis-understood topics and processes. Misunderstanding leads to poor performance. With clarity comes success.

Let’s learn together.

Basics Finances Planning Profits

Tax Time Reminders

Every tax time, I have to break out my checklists to be sure I cover off all the tasks needed to prepare an accurate tax return.

You see, as an American and a Christian, I believe that I should render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. But, not a penny more than he deserves. That means I have to accurately account for all sales and all expenses.

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Why Am I Always Behind Come Tax Time?

Here it is, the end of another fantastic year, and I’m just now getting started on my bookkeeping. Again?

I know I’ve said that success requires you know how your business is doing by keeping your bookkeeping up-to-date. I guess I should be following my own advice.

Excuses Why I haven’t Kept Up

Basics Organization

Working on My Motorola Xoom

Last Friday, on release day, I picked up my new Motorola Xoom from my local Best Buy.

So far, I am not disappointed in its performance, nor its future. I like my Xoom…!

It is lightweight. I purchased the optional case/stand for it. The added protection keeps my screen intact.

Apps are scarce for this tablet, but I find that the many Android apps seem to work fine.

Battery life? Easily 10 hours of active use.

How about typing? Well that is a problem I’ll overcome with time. The virtual keyboard is about 9 inches wide, and the keys are large enough for my chunky thumbs to be able to hit them with few misses.

I guess if I was a teen texter, I would be a better typer.

I’m still exploring capability and apps. I find it like a big PDA.

Let me know what you think of Your Motorola Xoom…


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