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Selling with Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)

A few of months ago, we made a DOH! discovery about selling on Amazon. We found their FBA or Fulfilled by Amazon program.

We have been selling on Amazon for a couple of years, now, so we knew about their program. It just seemed too expensive for us, so we ignored it.

But, as we grow older, and yearn to travel, Continue reading Selling with Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)

Everybody’s Gotta Sell

No matter where you are in your business cycle, in order to be successful, you gotta Sell. Selling is the connection between all your production and all your customers. Continue reading Everybody’s Gotta Sell

Our New Kindle Book About Getting Out of Debt

We recently used Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, or KDP, to actually offer our book on Christian Financial Management for sale. It is from our seminars on Getting Out of Debt.

For a limited time, you can download it for Free.

There is no catch, no sign-up, no followup, just a free offer for Aug 13, and 14, 2012.

We would ask that you actually read it, and put some of what we offer to use. We’d certainly appreciate a Review on Amazon about what you think about the book.

I’ll post later about the process, but for now, go get your copy. Get it Here:

Thanks, John L