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We Got a Check from Google

Friday’s mail brought us a surprise. We got a check from Google for $103 and change.

Turns out this was for our various Adsense results over a 7-year period.

The dream of many an online marketer is to have rivers of passive cash flow into their bank accounts. Continue reading We Got a Check from Google

Here Is a Simple Goal – Make More Money

Sometimes the simplest goal is the easiest one.

My simple Goal?

Make More Money!

The success gurus all talk about having SMART Goals. (I do, too,
but in a different context.) They mean that you need to have a
Specific “More Money” goal in mind – “$13,738.29” for example –
or else you’ll never be successful.


I have my SMART Goal posted right here on the wall next to my PC
monitor. I see it many times every day. It has a Specific Measurable
Amount to reach by a Specific Time-frame, all Attainable and Relevant
to me and my life values.

But it doesn’t tell me what to do “today!”

That’s where my Plan comes into play.

I view my Plans like Roadmaps to reach various destinations.

I’ve concocted several routes to my “More Money” goal. Each
has some steps to take at various times to increase my revenues and
profits in certain of my Money buckets. I have real estate,
investments, online retail, writing, seminars, and consulting as some
of my various income streams.

I know where I’m headed.

But, today?

Every day brings new circumstances, or unexpected opportunities,
or unforeseen obstacles. Today, I need a simple Goal to get me
started and keep me moving.

Make More Money!

This is my Focus Goal for the day. It keeps me head-down and
fast-paddling, not letting minutia get me off-track. It helps me
avoid my petty distractions and to actually make progress – for

I have a tendency to avoid getting anything done. This kick-starts
me for the day and keeps me moving forward.

So, not to make light of it, but it’s time for me to put THIS
Make-More-Money activity away for now, and Focus on something else.