Are You a Professional?

We all know that when someone gets paid to play a sport, they are
a “Professional Athlete”.

Yet, we many times see these “profesionals” skip out on their practice time, or give less than their all or best.

These aren’t the professionals.

The professionals aren’t the ones who aspire to be the Star.

The professionals are the ones who come to work to WORK.

They do whatever it takes to accomplish the task. And they do it day in and day out, every day.

They Don’t Quit or Give Up.

If we want to get paid for our chosen work, then we need to put on
our Professional Pants and go to work.

Don’t have enough work?

Put on your Professional Marketing or Salesman hat and drum up business – more business than you can handle all at once. Then you’ll have a scheduling problem to solve.

Having a Production problem?

Get to busy figuring out where the bottlenecks are and how you’re going to fix them. Widening those bottlenecks get stuff moving, and costs go down for more profits.

The problem we self-employed have is that we don’t recognize the
importance of being a Professional in all we do for our business.

I’m guilty of letting my Inertia guide me, not my business needs.

So, I have to overcome this inertia all day long so I can do the
important work of my business. It is easy to get distracted, and
professionals don’t get distracted, so I strive to do better.

I have to SEE my Target so well I can feel it and taste it.

I have to FOCUS on my Target to the exclusion of all else.

I have to AIM and SHOOT at my Target to Hit It.

I have to HIT It until I Hit it.

Start, Continue, Finish.

For a Good Read on Being a Professional, get Steven Pressfield’s
The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles
It has helped me, that’s for sure.

John L


Here Is a Simple Goal – Make More Money

Sometimes the simplest goal is the easiest one.

My simple Goal?

Make More Money!

The success gurus all talk about having SMART Goals. (I do, too,
but in a different context.) They mean that you need to have a
Specific “More Money” goal in mind – “$13,738.29” for example –
or else you’ll never be successful.


I have my SMART Goal posted right here on the wall next to my PC
monitor. I see it many times every day. It has a Specific Measurable
Amount to reach by a Specific Time-frame, all Attainable and Relevant to me and my life values.

But it doesn’t tell me what to do “today!”

That’s Where My Plan Comes into Play.

I view my Plans like Roadmaps to reach various destinations.

I’ve concocted several routes to my “More Money” goal. Each
has some steps to take at various times to increase my revenues and
profits in certain of my Money buckets.

I have real estate, investments, online retail, writing, seminars, and consulting as some of my various income streams.

I know where I’m headed.

But, today?

Every day brings new circumstances, or unexpected opportunities,
or unforeseen obstacles.

Today, I need a simple Goal to get me started and keep me moving.

Make More Money!

This is my Focus Goal for the day. It keeps me head-down and
fast-paddling, not letting minutia get me off-track.

It helps me avoid my petty distractions and to actually make progress – for Today.

I have a tendency to avoid getting anything done. This kick-starts
me for the day and keeps me moving forward.

So, not to make light of it, but it’s time for me to put THIS
Make-More-Money activity away for now, and Focus on something else.

John L


Your Fortune Is In the FollowUp

The hardest part of any sales process is making that first sale.

Then, it gets more difficult.

That first sale costs the most in time, energy, and money. Most
people are satisfied with that first sale, and then go on to the next
prospect. They ignore the existing customers in favor of that next
shiny sale around the corner.

The reality is that once sold, that customer needs to be retained.
More than one study has shown that the customer who just bought is
the one most likely to buy again, and buy more.

So, why would someone ignore this fact?

Because it is complicated and presumptuous to ask for another,
bigger sale, when the customer just satisfied our desire and bought
for the first time.

We’re too polite to make that second ask.

Selling is scary to most folks. They think they can’t sell. But,
selling is just asking if the customer wants a particular something.

Years ago, I had a real store. I had one vendor who would come
visit once a month. I’d tell him I didn’t need anything. He’d
patiently turn to his catalog and ask if I needed anything on page
one, then the next, the next, and the next. He didn’t “sell” me
anything, but I ended up giving him a good-sized order – every time.

I didn’t remember that I needed anything. He simply reminded me
that I did. And he did it month after month after month.

So, instead of making the sale and moving on to the next prospect,
it’s important to invest time and effort in the Followup.

Organization Planning

Finding My Way Through All the Hype

Wow! It’s super-easy to get caught up in somebody’s marketing hype. After all, that’s what the marketers aim for.

Their mission in life is to entice a larger and larger portion of their traffic to actually click the “I’ll Buy It!” button.

I find myself sucked in by the claims of easy this or massive that. I click all the fancy widgets and end up on their mailing lists and getting their oh-so-interesting emails.

I chase after each of the “undiscovered” ways to increase traffic, to increase click-through-rates, to automate my cash-flow, adding each one to my growing folder of “I Bought This” files.

What I end up with is a mish-mash of techniques and processes with no coherent pattern to them. I follow at random.

I end up with random results.

It Doesn’t Have to Be that way.

My tendency is to act randomly. I’ve been that way most of my adult life. Not sure why, but that’s just me.

These impulsive actions tend to get me all tangled up, and make me lose track of where I’m trying to go with my business. The cohesiveness of my thinking and of my planning dissolves into somewhat managed Chaos.

I suffer from lack of structure.

A Business Plan is Not the Answer

No, a Business Plan might seem like the answer, but it is not.

A Business Plan’s main focus is the big picture. It can’t manage the day-to-day activities that go into making a business go.

And a daily plan won’t do, either.

Daily is too much of a micro-view of business.

That’s how I get lost the easiest – nose down to the trail like a Beagle, and off I go with a new scent on the trail.

No, what I need is that intermediate planning device that allows me to see details in the big picture when I need to see them.

Sort of like a magnifying glass.

I Need a Plan for Planning.

One example of how I get tangled up is with making and distributing videos.

Videos as a marketing device are well-proven to make a difference. Making videos is a whole ‘nother topic.

But, the distribution of videos takes time and thought for maximum exposure and effectiveness.

I found a web service that allows me to upload once and distribute to many video sites. allows me to upload once and distribute to many video services. With a Free account, I am limited to 100 video-somethings and a file-size of 500 MB. (No, I do not have an affiliate account with them.)

Ooh, ooh, ooh… Great! Now, I can shoot my videos and get them posted in a hurry. Let me get started!

But how do I go about managing the flow? I have to set up accounts with each “partner”, decide on categories, devise campaigns…

There’s a ton more to do than shoot videos.

Write It Down

Perhaps one of the most useful advice I ever got from a marketer was to “write it down”.

I knew that.

I’ve always advised my clients to get away from “scratch-paper management” and create formal processes and procedures. If it sin’t written down, I’ll forget it in a heartbeat!

More exciting things come along and push that idea or resolve out the window.

So here, I have to write down my Plan on how I’ll use OneLoad to market using videos. I’ll mark down who the destination sites are, how I create and access accounts there, what sorts of videos I will use, how will I measure, and on, and on…

Without this sort of roadmap for each of my main areas of concern, I’ll get lost in the jungle of Hype.

Writing Down the Bones

In order for me to stay focused, I need to keep in front of me the map I made for getting to my destination. If I don’t write it down, I can’t keep it in front of me. If I don’t write it down, I will forget it in an instant.

If I don’t write it down, I will lose my way.

How Do You Stay on Track?