Time to Look Back and Ahead

Each year, the end comes upon us, and we have choices to make.

You can choose to keep on doing what you’ve been doing, or you can choose to do something else.

When I arrive at this time, I have all the intentions of evaluating what has transpired, measure it against what I planned it to be, and then make adjustments for the coming year.

I have those intentions.

But, every year, I do plenty of evaluating, and plenty of planning, but the new year brings few changes.

I am like most everyone else, a man of habit.

My habit is to go along and go along, and react to circumstances as they arrive.

I have been a problem-solver and an emergency fixer most of my career. So, unless there is a fire to put out, I sit and idle waiting for something to happen.

To overcome this inactivity mode, I don’t use To-do lists, but rather plan a series of Projects with tight deadlines.

This way, the deadlines artificially inflame my passions and cause me to press on to the goal…

Except when it doesn’t…

If I am not interested, no amount of deadlines can kindle a flame under my jets. I have to be dragged into getting it done.

What does this mean?

1. I don’t take on projects unless I am passionate about them. Passion comes before the flame.

2. The things I don’t want to do, I can outsource or delegate. It all has to be done.

3. The passions drive me to better and better work.

Looking back, we had a pretty good year. The economy took some swings at us, but we were able to dodge them and come up even or ahead of last year.

We kept a healthy business. It was good.

Looking ahead, I see that I will find more passionate areas to pursue, and I’ll have a fantastic year ahead.

I hope you do, too…

John L