Don’t Miss those Important Dates

Your business runs like a clock, and uses a calendar. Important dates come and go.

When you hit deadlines, all is well, and you probably don’t notice.

But miss one?

BAM~ and you are in hot water.

i missed a date just last week. I let THIS Domain expire – without knowing it.

Oh man, did that hurt. I had thought I transferred all my domain registration to my main provider. I guess I missed this one.

It took about a week of calling somewhere to get it re-registered, and here we are, back up again

What did it cost us, besides the domain fee?

This direct site isn’t all that active, I’m sorry to say, so there wasn’t much lost here.

However, we host some of our eBay photos on this domain, so those items had no photos. We probably didn’t sell any of those items over the past week.

How do you measure what didn’t happen?

You don’t. We’ll never know.

What did we learn?

First, we learned that the reason we left that other hosting company was still valid. Their support and front office operations seem to be run offshore. We talked to “Rachael” “Mike” and “Lena”. But, they weren’t. The support response was friendly and polite, but relatively ineffective.

I’m glad we left.

Who are they, you say?

That’s for another posting when I can do some research on other hosts.

Secondly, I reinforced the need to put automatic ticklers in place for all, and I mean all, my important dates.

I screwed up.

We got over it. But, we can prevent future gaffes.

What are some of YOUR important dates? What will you do to keep them in front of you?

John L