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Putting In the Time

Every day is a new opportunity to start anew.

Today was no different. I began a new day in a new way.

I usually get the coffee started and then open the house & curtains, and get the paper. Then I sit down at my PC and start the day.

Today was different.

After opening the house, and before sitting at my PC, I put in a few minutes just thinking about what needed to be completed by the end of the day. I thought about what processes I would employ during the day. I thought about how to avoid the time-sinks that each of us has – mine unique to me, but identical to yours.

During this time, I also thought about what I wanted this week to look like at the end of it.

How would it stand up to backward scrutiny? What did I want to be able to write down as accomplishments during a weekly review?

That few minutes of reflection helped me stay on track for longer than usual, and I got quite a bit done that I might not have, otherwise.

I put in the time pre-planning my day.

What’s the big deal? Doesn’t everybody do this?


Most people go through the day allowing random circumstances and events to sway their course and dictate their responses.

Most people do NOT plan their day, but allow others to do it for them.

In fact, most people EXPECT to have others tell them what needs to be done, and when.

The problem with this for the entrepreneur is that there is nobody to do this for you. Sure, the customer will have plenty to tell you, but that core response is why you are in business.

In order to make your business more effective and you more successful, you have to spend time outside of customer-satisfying activities to plan and do improvement projects.

If you don’t take the time, you won’t do the work. It will slip away until the daylight fades with your willpower along with it. The lost opportunity to do SOME-thing to improve will cost you in the long run.

Put in the Time every day, to figure out at least ONE project you can complete that will have a positive effect on your business.

Just One.

I’m going to do it again in the morning… How about you?

John L

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