Are You Busy, or Do You Just Take Action?

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks being Very Busy.

As a consequence, I haven’t managed to get very much done.,

Is this a conundrum?

Being Busy

Being busy is a state of being that isn’t always productive.

Remember when you didn’t want to do something for someone, and you told them you were busy?

Busy is just an excuse for not doing what needs to be done.

You can be busy reading email, or straightening your desk, or researching design or code intricacies, or Stumbling around or on Digg or Reddit or Facebook…

Some of it even “good”.

And you will fritter away all the day until there is none of it left.


Action, on the other hand, is fundamentally productivity-oriented.

You must take Action to get something done.

Action implies progress. Action is central to accomplishing anything worthwhile.

How to Replace Busy with Action

As I reviewed my days and weeks, I noted that I had no plan for any of my days. I just took what came along. I gave in to Impulse.

To convert Busy to Action for me was to select one central task, and to Focus on it until I had finished it.

Action requires Goals and Focus. Without both, Action is only busy.

How do you stave off Busy-ness and replace it with Action?